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    About me

    Antonio de Masi, born in 1987, is a distinguished wedding videographer whose career path evolved over a decade of experience in the industry.
    Originally trained as a photographer, Antonio found his true professional calling when he transitioned his focus to filmmaking. 

    Fuelled by a profound passion for cinema and music, Antonio seamlessly integrates his visual, cinematic, and musical talents to craft each wedding film into a unique and exclusive narrative for every couple he collaborates with. 

    Rapidly rising to prominence, Antonio’s work has been recognized with numerous awards and accolades in the international arena, consistently securing top rankings since 2022 and continuing through 2023,
    with further triumphs evident at the onset of 2024. 

    Antonio’s hallmark lies in his empathetic approach, swiftly capturing the desires and emotions of each couple and immortalizing them in captivating, emotion-rich wedding films. Renowned for his ability to eschew scripted narratives and instead masterfully convey authentic emotions, Antonio’s unparalleled storytelling has endeared him to every couple who has experienced his groundbreaking work. 


    2024 1° Place Inspiration Awards – Collection 55 “THE BRIDE WITH SKATES”

    2024 4° Place People Choise category Wevsy Awards

    2024 Honorable mention – Collection 54 “THE BRIDE WITH SKATES”

    2024 1° Place Inspiration Awards – Collection 53 “YOU ARE MY DESTINY”

    2024 1° Place Bride association “THE BRIDE WITH SKATES”

    2024 1° Place Bride association “SPIRIT OF LOVE”

    2024 1° Place Bride association “YOU ARE MY DESTINY”

    2023 1° Place Inspiration Awards – Collection 52 “SPIRIT OF LOVE”

    2023 1°  Place Inspiration Awards – Collection 52 “ULTREYA”

    2023  Honorable Mention Inspiration Awards “DOORS”

    2023 Honorable Mention Inspiration Awards “CELTIC RITE”

    2022 5° Place best SDE Wevsy awards


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      “It’s important to understand that the WEDDING FILM is an EXCLUSIVE product that uses images in an authorial and artistic interpretation aimed at enhancing the uniqueness of the couple’s story. It’s not simply an instructional assembly like that offered by the classic ‘wedding video’.”


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